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31 III 2018

Jonathan Oketayot

Działalność pomocowa

Podopieczny Fundacji Signum Jonathan Oketayot jest studentem drugiego roku Dae es Salaam Unviersity w Tanzanii. Każdy jego list sprawia nam ogromną radość!


31st March, 2018
Dear Kacper and Signum Foundation,
I hope everything is going on well. On my side all is well as am moving a step closer to fulfilling
my dream of becoming a lawyer. All of this would not be possible without your continued
support. I have written this letter to inform you about my second year in school the new subjects
I am taking. Not only that, but I will also inform you about my future plans and how generally
my first semester went.
I successfully completed my first semester only awaiting the results. In the first semester I
offered the law of torts, land law, legal history, evidence law, banking law and public
international law. However this second semester I will add on the refugee law and the
international humanitarian law. All in all studies are going on well and I promise to work harder
and achieve greater things.
Last semester, I participated in various sports. Our class managed to win the class competition
for the whole school. It was a competition consisting of football and basketball. I also visited
Nairobi for a friendly Rugby tournament.
We also had a law workshop at the end of the semester. This included career guidance from
different universities. I managed to meet representatives from the University of Johannesburg
and Pretoria. These were encouraging us to join them for their masters program or post graduate
Leaving sports alone, this second semester I intend to stand for the presidency of the University
of Dar es Salaam law society. This is one of the biggest positions in the university. I intend to
develop an application for the students to aid their learning. This application will contain study
material, live tutorials. With this idea I think I will be able to win the election.
Not only that, I will also stand for the presidency of the organization of Ugandan students. This
organization consists of all the Ugandan students studying in Tanzania. With this position I will
be able to work with the High Commissioner of Uganda to Tanzania and many other people. I
believe these opportunities will enable me build my CV.
In continuation, at the end of this semester I will also take part in internship program for one
month. This internship program will enable me to practice what I study in class more. It will
include going to court sessions, and writing legal documents.

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your continued support and I will do my best to
make you proud.

Thank You.

Yours most sincerely,
Jonathan Oketayot
Kampala, Uganda