Our aim is to give our dependents hope for a better future.


Signum Foundation’s aid activity is based on an idea, that assisting another human being is a dynamic and interactive process. It allows the proteges to realise their own potential and to fulfil their aspirations, hopes and dreams.


To achieve our goals, our efforts must be far-reaching and long-term. This is why we try to give our proteges extended care  as well as provide them with skills, tools and equipment needed to help them continue to develop and grow on their own going forward.


All our efforts are motivated by this goal, in Poland and beyond. One of our recent projects inaugurated in 2011 is a join aid project with Buyemba Suubira Uganda Foundation (BSUF).


Our priority is to reach out to those who find themselves in desperate need of help and to provide them with long-term care.


We offer financial, advisory and managerial support. We focus also on helping the families and the guardians of the disabled or chronically ill children.

Permanent group of our dependents

As a result of our efforts, a permanent group of our dependents emerged from the community of the  people we provided our extensive help to. We particularly focus on supporting disabled youngsters, large families, single mothers and their children, the elderly and the sick. We monitor their progress, organise suitable aid, advise them on and help organise specialist treatments and therapy.


In 2011 Signum Foundation has extended the scope of its cooperation with Buyemba Suubira Uganda Foundation (BSUF) through the establishment of a project aiming at finding sponsors from Poland willing to support education of children in Uganda.


We encourage you to get involved in the long-term support of the education of a particular child from Uganda!!


The idea that has always informed the charitable activity of Signum Foundation enables us to think of helping others as something dynamic and interactive. The intention is to allow the other person to use their own potential to fulfil their dreams and aspirations. This defiance against the ‘coincidental’ nature of human fate also compels us to transcend national borders with our charitable activities. Therefore, from the beginning of the year 2010, we have decided to commence cooperation with Buyemba Suubira Uganda Foundation (BSUF) by awarding an educational scholarship to 13-year-old Jonathan from Uganda. Currently, we wish to further extend our cooperation with BSUF and thereby enable everyone to support the work of this foundation.



Buyemba Suubira Uganda Foundation is a charitable organisation managed by and acting for the local community from the Kamuli region in south-east Uganda. It mostly helps children, enabling them to receive an education by finding sponsors (hitherto from the United Kingdom). In 2005 BSUF started by providing support for two children; at present it helps more than 80 of them! It also pursues a number of projects such as adult literacy classes, jewellery-making and pig-rearing.
The inhabitants of Butansi village, like many other people in this region of the world, have to face numerous problems. The most serious of these includes AIDS, malaria, and recently water contamination, which has severe, and sometimes lethal, consequences. For many children, having two parents is an inconceivable joy, and young people are often deprived of any real prospects in life. The vast majority of the inhabitants are trapped in a vicious circle of poverty, from which they are unable to escape without some help from the outside world.



We are convinced that the most efficient way of helping others is by giving them ‘the tools’ with the use of which they will become free to fulfil their aspirations, use their potential and in consequence create their own ‘better reality’. We strongly believe that in numerous places all over the world which face the problem of poverty and social inequality, education is precisely the prerequisite and the most important tool that can be given to anyone so that one can becomes capable of ‘self-help’.

Our philosophy of aid is very similar to that of BSUF which, besides trying to meet the current needs of the local population, aims at giving people hope for a better future. Our joint project allows us to achieve this objective by finding sponsors for children’s education and by working out the mechanisms which would enable the local community to become more independent.

As a result of cooperation with Signum Foundation, BSUF can now also gain new sponsors in Poland. We have opened a bank sub-account which enables everyone to join our project by a 50 zloty monthly support per child. This relatively insignificant for you amount can alter the entire future of one child.

It is an exceptional initiative and your involvement means giving a particular child a chance at a better future. Your help will allow others to dream and may enable their day to day life to be free from the restrictions of that single phrase: “the absence of choice”.



Money, which you transfer every month to a special BSUF subaccount, covers the cost of providing education to one particular child.

It comprises the school fees, the expenditures associated with food and school materials as well as the school uniforms.

Due to the fact that BSUF is growing and the number of its wards is constantly increasing, a part of your money will be used to finance the education of a group of BSUF pupils who are already in high school, where the fees are higher. BSUF has been supporting this group from the time when they were primary school pupils and so we want to give them the opportunity for continuing their education without increasing the costs for their sponsors.



After acquiring you consent to join this project, BSUF will find a child that needs financial support to either go to a school or to continue his or her education. The only thing for you to do then is to set up a monthly transfer of 50 zloty to a special BSUF sub-account. The account number is 05 1240 6609 1111 0010 3889 0528.

In the meantime you will receive a brief profile of the child that you are sponsoring. You are, of course, more than welcome to be in touch with the child that you would be supporting by sending letters or e-mails to BSUF in Uganda, from where it will be forwarded to the child you are helping.

E-mail: & Tel: +48 663 997 552